Friday, September 18, 2009

Ode to the Reunion Arena

I stand facing the East
On a hill built by man
To hold back the water,
Deny Earth flood's hand.

I watch Glass Olympus
Fall before my eyes.
Past excess not enough
To answer tradition's cries.

Where once Champions bled,
Muscle, sinew and blood coin spent.
That the mob be well fed
With sweat, pain and bones rent.

Where once Gods lived aside
Mortals, clowns and wild beast.
Reverberations and Chaos'
Echoes fade and cease.

Where once Triumph held sway
Only a Golden Arm reigns.
To pull down the memories
And Rowdy ghosts that remain.

My line will return to this land.
They will pause and cup their ear.
As the sad ghosts from the past
Cry in vain for Yesteryear.

Fare thee well Reunion.