Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Dear God.

I have had a very tenuous at best relationship with God through my life. 
I have dropped to my knees more times than a Tenderloin whore to ask for this and beg for that...all designed to make my life more pleasant and bearable.  I grew up with the image in my mind of God as some cosmic wish granter who took care of good little boys and girls, like a full-time Santa Claus.

That time is done.  I have thrown the gauntlet down.


If you are listening, If you exist.  You have this one chance to make my mind up.  You have this one brief opportunity to reward my obstinant resolve and make this right. 

Your refusal will be accepted as incompetence, impotence or ineptitude on your part.

For every soul insistent on pointing out your plan to me in the future,  they will be greeted with the same cold reception that every human being that crosses my path for the near future will experience. 

I will accept no IOU's.
I will accept no "Hey...I have a plan."

Say something...ANYTHING, or so help my immortal soul, you and I are officially done.

I'm not trying to shake anyone and their beliefs here so leave this one alone if you care.

This between me and him.

So help you.


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