Monday, December 20, 2010

Blood Moon Rising

So tonight there is to be a lunar eclipse. 
The moon will turn black then red then black again.
The Blood Moon, they call it.
The last time I saw this happen was January 2000.
I had a house then.  I had a great job.  I had a Jeep and a girlfriend.
Then the Blood Moon came and I lost it all. 
Slowly.  The moon didn't take it all from me at once.
It was patient.
First I lost the job.
Then the girlfriend.
Then the Jeep.
Then the house.
The moon was hungry.  It wanted blood.
I sat on my deck in a booze soaked haze and watched the sky bleed, it would be safe to say things have been bad for me since.
There is some truth to that old saying.
Beware when you look at the abyss, for the abyss also looks at you.
It has been a life altering decade for me since the last moon.
I held 5 jobs.
I had a dozen girlfriends.
I have another Jeep.
I lost the three best friends I ever had in life.
I buried my parents.
Like I said.  The moon wanted blood.
Well, the moon has fed.  Not just on me but on humanity.
For over a decade, the moon has drunk its fill.
People have suffered.  Banks have failed.  Fortunes have been squandered. 
Friends have left my life never to return.
Tonight we will all see the Blood Moon again. 
I'm certain that for someone else, it will harbor their doom.
For me, I have a different idea.
I have a plan this time, you see.
I will stare at tonight's Blood Moon.
I will stare at it until it blinks.
And blink it shall.
When I have done this I will tell the Blood Moon "You have taken all you will from me."
"You will take no more."
My friends will suffer no more.
My fortunes will be restored.
My Family will enjoy health and prosperity.
The moon will want blood again.  Like I said, it is thirsty.
But this time the moon knows I have given my share and then some.
This time, the moon can take no more from me.
This time, the Blood Moon owes me.

In an ironic addendum, as I lie on my back and stare at the Blood Moon, I swear I hear it offer me a deal. 
I can turn back time.  Take you back to that night.
All that I have done to you will be wiped clean.
You will have your success.
You will still have your friends.
Your family will still be alive.
It doesn't tell me what this deal will cost me, but I don't need to know.
The hell that has been this past decade has forged me into something.
I am unsure just what precisely that something IS, but I know this.
I would lose more than I would gain were I to allow this to be stripped from me.
So I tell the Blood Moon "No thank you."
I will take my pain.
I will take my loss.
I will not be happy with these, but I know that having them makes me stronger than not having them.
In that, I think....lies all the difference.

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