Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So Here's your pound of flesh...

How does it taste?
Does it erase t he memory of your loved ones burning?
Does it replace theimages in YOUR head of people jumping from the towers to their death?
All I see when I think of Osama Bin Ladin are flames and twisted metal. Burning bodies and smoking wreckage. Screaming bystanders and gape-jawwed outsiders. Which are you?
Did YOU die in the flames?
Did YOU jump to your death as I watched?
Did your family or friend roast alive as they waited for some unknown rescuer doomed to his OWN death?
I ask you this as a friend who has felt all of these...where does your satisfaction come from today?
Do you roll out in the streets today to celebrate?
Do you burn candles today in tHANKS?
Do you drink a toast?
How does this make you feel?
I ask you this plainly as I am able. How does us killing another man make you feel?
Do you feel like running the streets as they do in Iran?
As they do in Pakistan?
As they do in Saudi Arabia?
Does our pound of flesh make you feel whole?
This is a very simple question. Does OUR act of savagery make us as a nation better or does it simply make us whole and replace a piece that was missing?
Think of this as you tap the keg and call for a national day of celebration.
We just executed a man. How are we different from them?
It's a simple question.

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