Thursday, December 8, 2011

You're Special....WHY?

That's a very pointed question for me today. In the span of 24 hours I have been bombarded by mediocre people who have accesorized themselves special. Ordinary persons who through the magical addition of a thing have elevated themselves out of their own mediocrity.

It started yesterday with a picture of Chum Lee from that idiotic pawn shop show holding a bottle of Cristal. Through the addition of the contents of that tube of glass, a man who by all descriptive methods available to me is entirely beneath description becomes special. A man elevated to celebrity through nothing more than his own STUPIDITY can accessorize himself with an expensive bottle of booze and become....special.

It continues today as I walked past a Tanning shop. I looked at the counter and saw the different bottles of Tanning goo, some decorated like that bottle of Cristal and the thought hit me like a train. These idiots think they can accessorize themselves into uniqueness with THAT? Are we THAT ignorant of what actually Makes a person original these days that we think by the simple addition of something somoeone else tells us is cool makes is, by some magical osmosis, cool as well?

That was the straw that broke me. I do a LOT of things that make me special. I know others who do things that make them special. I have friends that are musicians, atheletes, business people...all creative and unique. They all DO something that makes them stand apart from you. THAT makes them special. But that isn't good enough for you. Your desire to live up to the bullshit fed you since your birth that because you are simply YOU that makes you by proxy....special forces your hand. You believe the lie that with the right thing, you become original.

It's hogwash.

It's like that line from the Incredibles "If Everyone's one's special" I see this in shows like American Idol and shit of that calibler. Mediocre people are given a spotlight to show they are special. In teh end, by the simple addition of one after the other, any originality is drown out. Every one of us thinks they are born with a God Given right to be Unique and Original. None of us realize that there is a causal relationship to the actual speciality of a person. If you DO something unique...THAT makes you unique. You can't slather yourself with gold cream and double fist expensive alcohol yourself into Originality. When all the snowflakes are different and special, who really cares about snowflakes anymore. We are greedy for attention. The media has had that effect on us. I don't blame them, everyone's gotta make a buck. But for the LOVE of GOD, let this be your takeaway from this.


You are just another pile of wasted flesh until you matter how much money you have or what color your tanning cream is.

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